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Dramatic Shifts in Senior Care Marketing

When it comes to selling Senior Living apartments, there are two massive shifts on the horizon.

These two drastic changes are…

#1 Your buyers/your audience.

#2 Your marketing techniques.

The former is changing and the latter must transition in response.

Your buyer persona falls under the baby boomer category—the generation who uses social media and other digital marketing efforts to make purchasing decisions.

While brochures, billboards, and other offline marketing are the go-to tools most senior care executives rely on, these methods are now all but obsolete.

Digital marketing and social media are now the default forms of marketing—even though you cater to an older demographic who is not known for being tech-savvy.

As a senior care sales expert and author, I represent small- to mid-sized operators. I can tell you from years of experience that the large operators are utilizing the latest digital marketing techniques.

Before using Bild & Company’s marketing training, many small- and mid-sized operators spend years playing catch up.

Without digital marketing, filling occupancy becomes a game of cat and mouse, wherein sales teams chase prospects and spend money on offline marketing that doesn’t produce results.

The truth is, many senior care execs I work with don’t have updated websites or any social media presence whatsoever. If that describes your business model, then reading about the next steps are definitely worth your time.

Focus on search engine optimization.

Since the buyers for senior care have shifted from one generation to another, Google will be how most prospects find your business. To become visible online, it is absolutely vital to place your focus on search engine optimization (SEO).

SEO is contingent on several different factors:

  • Local search.
  • New content.
  • Updated websites.
  • Keyword phrases.
  • Time spent on your website.
  • Return website traffic.

Improve your online visibility here.

Social media is the dominant form of communication.

When your buyers discover your business, it’s a default move to look at your Facebook page and overall online presence. This is how many people learn about your property, quality of care, and amenities.

Facebook especially is a source of social proof. Buyers will lurk on your page to see your reviews and how you answer questions. Make it a point to communicate with your community and answer all concerns and questions publicly.

Your social media presence is the face of your senior care business, so make it count.

Mobile is king.

If you’re reading this blog on a desktop computer or a laptop, you are in the minority. Most people opt for mobile devices to browse the Internet—especially when it comes to shopping.

When shoppers use mobile, they are typically “on a mission.” This means that shoppers are not browsing aimlessly—they want to make a decision or are intent on learning something.

If your website is not mobile-friendly, you are missing out on conversions.

A living, breathing website.

Your website is a living document. With consistent updates, you prove that you have your finger on the pulse of the buyer persona’s needs.

Website maintenance and refreshment are vital, as fresh, relevant content leverages your expertise. I recommend…

  • Writing blogs that showcase your expertise.
  • Creating downloadable content.
  • Revealing the latest news at your property.
  • Sharing photos of residents living and loving life.

In conclusion…

It’s time to make a digital migration. Without an updated website and social media presence, your marketing becomes invisible.

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