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Digital Marketing: 5 Resources for the Mid-Sized Senior Living Operator

It’s easy for mid-sized senior care communities to be overshadowed by competitors with a large sales team, luxurious amenities, and extensive levels of care.

However, it’s a level playing field when it comes to digital marketing. No matter how fierce the competition, your online marketing efforts have enormous potential to produce prospective residents and make their families eager to take a tour.

Your corporate neighbor might boast more leads, but your digital marketing strategy can garner qualified prospects. While other communities seek residents through discounts, you can attract leads through carefully crafted strategies that build your community’s value.

If you’re ready to cultivate your online presence for better revenue, check these five articles we’ve written on the topic:

  1. Digital Marketing Empowers Your Smaller Community

When you’re a mid-sized operator, resources can be limited. Your best referral development efforts and outreach activities can pale in comparison to competitors with deeper pockets and more extensive staff.

With digital marketing, the size of your community is less relevant for Senior Living sales. Read this article to see how digital marketing can take the pressure off your sales team, educate your leads, and more.

  1. Digital Marketing Doesn’t Need to Be Complicated

Once you decide to drive conversions through digital marketing, the amount of information you’ll encounter can be overwhelming. The key is starting a few strategies that are easily implemented and resonate with your prospective residents.

Check out this article we’ve written on 5 Valuable Digital Marketing Strategies You Can Start Now. You’ll discover…

  • What to avoid if you start a Senior Living blog.
  • The social media network you’ll want to leverage for older generations.
  • Relevant video ideas for your community.
  • And more.
  1. Digital Marketing and Memory Care Go Together

Alzheimer’s and dementia raise a host of fears and concerns for the adult children of your future residents. If your community offers memory care, more than likely, your prospects are grappling with a host of unanswered questions they need answered.

Digital marketing bridges the gap between selling your memory care options and   resolving the concerns of your leads. To see what digital marketing can do for your memory care community, check out 4 Ways to Market Memory Care on Your Website.

Read the article to see…

  • The role that video can play in selling your memory care.
  • What you need on your website to assure your prospects.
  • How to attract and educate leads with a cost-effective technique.
  • And more.
  1. You’re Already a Digital Marketer

Even if digital marketing seems daunting, the fact is that you may be digitally marketing already. If your mid-sized operation sends email blasts to leads, then you’re already using a valuable digital marketing technique.

But you may not know…

  • The two words that can decrease open rates for your emails.
  • The technique that makes your emails even more effective.
  • The facts on the best time to send your emails.

Discover how to make your emails even more powerful with this article on must-know email facts.

  1. Every Digital Media Strategy Needs a Diagnosis

Once your digital marketing strategy is fully implemented, it’s time for evaluation. Just because you have a community website doesn’t mean you’re creating a distinct online presence.

Check out these 12 questions to diagnose your digital marketing strategy to help you find and keep the leads you garner.

Whatever technique you leverage to showcase your Senior Living community, you should never ignore the end goal of every marketing strategy—conversions.

Ultimately, digital marketing drives leads to your sales counselors. But your online efforts will fall flat if your sales team can’t turn an online inquiry into a successful tour.

To ensure your sales team matches the effectiveness of your digital marketing strategy, equip your sales counselors with professional training that closes leads and drives revenue.

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