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Courtney Culver

Director of Research


Courtney Culver is the Director of Research at Bild & Co and has 15 years of experience at the operations level of Long-Term Care and Senior Housing. She works closely with the Bild team and their clients to capture and utilize information that will allow for strategic planning and to be used as a valuable tool in the effort to grow individual and company goals and businesses.

After spending the bulk of the last 7 years as Director of Business Development, a role that provides direct oversight of census and company growth and strategic planning, Courtney has the unique perspective of having been on the front line of selling and marketing communities. This experience has provided her with a sharp eye for finding balance within companies which allows her to ensure buyers and families are cared for first, while also recognizing the challenges and privileges of operating and growing a profitable and sustainable company.

Her passion for providing strategic and competitive analysis as part of helping companies plan for their future and potential future projects has been key in helping Bild & Co continue to succeed and grow while making a positive impact on our clients. Since joining the Bild team in early 2021, Courtney and her research team have completed over 1100 mystery shops (web, phone, virtual, and in-person) and over 300 competitive analyses in various markets across the country. 

Courtney holds a BA in business communications and minors in psychology and leisure, youth, and human services from the University of Northern Iowa. 

Courtney calls central Iowa home and enjoys living life in the Midwest with her husband, two children, and loveable dog. 

You can reach Courtney at 1-800-640-0688 or via email at courtney@bildandco.com