Ultimate Pricing Guide Intro
Lesson 1: Could You Be Leaving Money On The Table?
Lesson 2: How To Build Value Into Your Pricing And Sales Model
Lesson 3: The Psychology Of Pricing And Understanding Scarcity
Lesson 4: Setting The Most Optimal Price Position For Your Community Or New Development
Lesson 5: Discounting Is Killing Margins And The Customer Experience
Lesson 6: Standing Out To Avoid The Trap Of Competitor Pricing
Lesson 7: The Pros And Cons Of Unbundled Pricing In Seniors Communities
Lesson 8: Seniors Housing Communities Fall Short On Delivering Customers Need For Pricing
Lesson 9: 4 Indicators That Seniors Housing Is In A Competitive Pricing Crisis
Lesson 10: Seniors Housing Operators Fail To Understand The Power That Price Has On Profits And Value

Lesson 10 Quiz

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