Ultimate Pricing Course

In this course, you will learn TEN impactful lessons that are easy to digest, easy to understand, and even easier to implement. In each lesson, you will review a video, a short chapter on how the lesson applies to Seniors Housing, and an assignment you can use to huddle with your team so you can GET RESULTS FAST and take action now.

Course Curriculum

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Ultimate Pricing Guide Intro
Lesson 1: Could You Be Leaving Money On The Table?
Lesson 2: How To Build Value Into Your Pricing And Sales Model
Lesson 3: The Psychology Of Pricing And Understanding Scarcity
Lesson 4: Setting The Most Optimal Price Position For Your Community Or New Development
Lesson 5: Discounting Is Killing Margins And The Customer Experience
Lesson 6: Standing Out To Avoid The Trap Of Competitor Pricing
Lesson 7: The Pros And Cons Of Unbundled Pricing In Seniors Communities
Lesson 8: Seniors Housing Communities Fall Short On Delivering Customers Need For Pricing
Lesson 9: 4 Indicators That Seniors Housing Is In A Competitive Pricing Crisis
Lesson 10: Seniors Housing Operators Fail To Understand The Power That Price Has On Profits And Value