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About Training and Coaching

Expertise is our name. Adaptability is our game.

Bild & Company offers a full spectrum of services—customizable webinars, on-site training, executive coaching, and so much more. We live, eat, and breathe solving occupancy problems. And we’ll help you fix yours, every step of the way.


Bild New Hire Sales Academy
New hires falling through the cracks? Enroll your new sales directors in a six-week, live web classroom. A Bild & Company trainer will teach your sales directors how to effectively sell in today’s competitive environment and how to shorten the learning curve to onboard and retain your new employee.  

“I am so going to miss these sessions each week! As a nurse without a marketing degree, these lessons have been invaluable to me! I’ve applied so many of them already and almost feel like there’s some Secret that I’m keeping from everyone else that I use them with! Thanks again!”
-Kathleen Overy, RN, Senior Healthcare Liaison at Vista Springs

Revenue Growth Coaching
Help your team put their knowledge into action. Bild & Company’s weekly coaching calls help ensure execution of the systems you’ve learned for an immediate impact on occupancy, revenue, and net operating income.

Revenue Increase Based on Change in Occupancy via Bild Coaching Program
Heritage Senior Living: $13.294 million
Rate of Return: 70.0 : 1
Occupancy Increase: 40.6%

Train the Trainer
Take advantage of one-on-one training for your VPSM or regional leadership teams. We provide leadership training for regional sales, operations, and clinical staff.

Executive Coaching
Experience one-on-one executive coaching, and begin to work on rather than in your business while growing both personally and professionally.  

On-Site Training
Bring hands-on training to your community. We’ll visit your operation in person and implement changes that reverse sinking occupancy.

Bild Seminars
Motivate, educate, and inspire! Bild & Company’s one- to two-day seminars are legendary and will arm you with a competitive edge to transform your organization.

Span geographic distance, and bring Bild & Company’s expertise to your entire organization. We offer customized webinars that drive occupancy, revenue, and net operating income.

“My regional team loves the monthly webinar series. It gives them an added spark, and they are putting into practice what they learn the same day, and it’s making an impact.”
-Melissa O’Hara, Director of Sales and Marketing PrimeRose Retirement Communities

Service Highlights

  • Leadership discovery sessions
  • On-site training
  • Revenue growth coaching
  • Webinars
  • Seminars
  • Leadership training
  • CRM solutions
  • Custom reporting
  • Mystery shopping and research to support the process
  • Talent assessment

Specialty Services

Has turnover thinned your sales team? Looking to keep sales strong through a transition? We offer specialty services for operations facing unique challenges or opportunities. Contact us to find a solution.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Our census has improved from 90% to 99% company-wide, in six months, doing NOTHING different than implementing the Bild System for addressing and following up on incoming leads. I recommend this fabulous system to anyone outside our communities MSA!
Philip Scott, President of Carlton Senior Living
With Traci’s help, we increased census from 92% to 99%, a company record and an amazing achievement in our industry!
Louise Franklin, VP Sales at ACTS Retirement Life
Wow, this past week following our seminar, throughout the organization, we had more deposits and move-ins that were generated by first-time appointments/first-time tours than ever before, which is an indicator that we are doing a better job of creating value and more expertly defining next steps to improve and accelerate move-in-to-tour conversion rates!
Lou Andriotti, CEO at Vista Springs Living
Each week I personally learn something and I’m becoming very confident in how to talk with my team on your system and why it’s so important for them to use it. Thank you so much for just being you….so motivating, inspirational, and creative! I really enjoy Bild Academy!
Marla Rhoads, RMS at Capital Senior Living
I can’t thank you enough for your help. I truly appreciate the fast turnaround and understanding of my needs.
Jeremy Cole, CEO of Blake Management Group (BMG)
We were very satisfied with the training that Bild delivered for a sales associate in one of our facilities. We were well impressed with the responsiveness and professionalism of all Bild associates we worked with.
Walter Esquivel, COO of Insignia

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