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Coaching & Training Resources

Accelerate Results with Revenue Growth Coaching

Designed to support operators and investors who want to improve sales performance within their seniors housing communities but lack the needed resources, our coaching can help grow your occupancy 10% within six months and 14% within ten months.

A Bild-certified coach works directly with both the executive and sales directors to create customized growth strategies and provide expert insight and motivation—as well as the accountability needed to grow occupancy, revenue, and net operating income quickly. 

Revenue Growth Coaching is ideal for…
  • Underperforming independent and assisted living communities, memory care, life plan or continuum of care communities.
  • Recent independent or assisted living acquisitions.
  • Independent and assisted living, memory care, life plan or continuum of care retirement community expansions.
  • Owners ready to sell and maximize the value of a seniors housing communities.
  • Recapitalization of seniors housing assets.

Licensed Corporate Training

Looking for your own company-branded sales and service onboarding system? 

With our licensing program, we work alongside your training team to customize and brand the Bild Sales and Service Systems to your organization. From training manuals and PowerPoints to white-labeled online training options, this is ideal for companies looking to scale and create standardization across their entire organization. 

Grow Top-Line Revenue & Net Operating Income

Replacing costly paid referral agency fees and marketing expenditures with quality referral partners ensures that the revenue generated from assisted living move-ins goes straight to the bottom line.


Our immediate focus is on accelerating the velocity of move-ins at market-rate rent for a much-needed bump in cash flow and revenue within your seniors housing communities.

Continuous Sales Knowledge in the Seniors Housing Space

Selling Seniors Housing is an e-learning platform to help you consistently train your salespeople, executive directors, and department heads while onboarding new hires with the click of a few buttons. 

Our program offers compelling 5- to 7-minute accelerated learning sessions anchored in research on selling to seniors and their adult children.

A communication-based course, your team will quickly sharpen tactical selling skills, leading to improved sales performance that is consistent over time.