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Is Your Census Healthy? Or Are You Racing to the Bottom?

A few years ago I read a book by Seth Godin titled “LINCHPIN Are you indispensable?” The book addresses how different the modern workplace is today compared to the one I grew up in. It used to be you showed up to work on time, did what you’re told, kept your head down and collected a paycheck. That’s not going to make you successful in today’s marketplace. Today you can’t obey the almighty rulebook if you want to succeed. You must be creative, lead confidently, connect emotionally and make things happen.

(The above is not only relevant to people but also to businesses.)

In this new modern business landscape, the Internet has opened up new ways to sell our products both organically and by paid ads – which is virtual product placement! But because the Internet is open to the entire world there is much mediocrity out there . . . how many photos of cute kittens and puppies are shared everyday? It’s like America’s Funniest Videos on steroids and totally irrelevant to most.

So how do you successfully use the Internet to connect with your prospective residents and their adult children? You do what the barista at your favorite coffee shop does – you connect with your customer emotionally, you serve your customer as they like to be served and you make sure they are so delighted they will come back again and again, plus they will tell their colleagues about you and TaDa! Your business growth is exponential.

But you have to serve them up relevant content and address the emotional need they are seeking to fill, whether it be a chai latte to warm them up or an apartment in an assisted living community for their aging parent who can no longer live alone safely. Here are a few suggestions to keep in mind:

– Address the angst the adult child is experiencing dealing with an aging parent

– Talk to the prospective resident about socialization and safety

– Connect on the emotional level matching their needs with your offerings

Almost all senior living communities have a web presence. Most of them put up a few photos of their building, some copy that extolls their staff and the services offered and that’s it. Most forget or simply don’t realize that this connection is not about them – it’s about the user – the person who is looking for a product to fill an emotional need they have. This is the race to the bottom. If you don’t address the emotion that goes along with the need you will get to the bottom first – and that means you lose.

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