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The Making of a Successful CEO—What Newly Released Research Reveals about Senior Living CEOs

There isn’t a magic formula for being a successful CEO. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t factors that stack the …

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Increase ROI for Your Senior Housing Investment: The Simple (but Neglected) Fix

If your senior housing investment is yielding smaller margins and you’re not meeting your growth goals, you’re not alone. According …

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Why? 3 Questions Every Senior Living CEO Needs to Ask

As a CEO, CFO, or COO there are days you must sit at your desk, stare at reports and ask, …

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Length of Stay is Getting Shorter and Shorter- 3 Steps to Take Right Now to Recapture Lost Revenue

I was on the phone yesterday with the amazing Christian Lanham, Vice President of Product Management and Sales-SNF at Brookdale …

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As an Industry, Are We Really Progressing or Digressing?

I was sitting in my office recently after being on the phone most of the day with industry executives and …

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Employee Engagement – The Main Challenge Facing Organizations Today

Not so long ago that if you brought up the words “employee engagement” in a meeting, people would look at …

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Set Goals for 2015, not just Resolutions!

After only two days into 2015 I had been asked what seemed like 1000 times what my resolutions were. Simple …

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Can you change a “Bah, Humbug” into “And to all a good night…”?

I know most of us, despite the hustle and bustle of the holidays, do a lot of reflecting this time …

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Naughty or Nice List – Which are you on?

I don’t mean the one you tell your kids about. Or the one that gets you a lump of coal …

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Land of Misfit Toys – AKA Your Team?

As you know from last week, I love the Misfit Toys. Besides the fact I just think they are cute, …

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“Tis the Season to be…”

You can fill in the blank because by default the answer is “jolly”, but I’m not so sure all of …

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Sales vs. Ops – And the Winner Is?

A coach can’t run an effective offense in football if he/she has a roster full of wide receivers and tight ends and the corners and safety are all over them with a couple of interceptions.

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