6-Steps to Avoid a Blow to 2Q20 Earnings

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6-STEPS TO ALIGN SENIOR LIVING OPERATORS AND INVESTORS DURING COVID-19 TO AVOID A DEVASTING BLOW TO 2Q20 EARNINGS Sales and marketing cannot be an after-thought during this pandemic. Assisted living and memory care owners and operators must balance sales, marketing and operations more carefully than ever, or risk facing a devastating blow to occupancy, revenue [...]

4 Strategies to Improve Company Culture

DON’T BE ARROGANT; 4 STRATEGIES SENIOR LIVING OWNERS AND OPERATORS CAN STEAL FROM SOUTHWEST AIRLINES TO IMPROVE COMPANY CULTURE What every seniors housing owner, operator, investor or developer can learn from one of the most admired airlines in the world to drive employee engagement, retention and record profits Imagine how different the airline business would [...]

Get Serious about Top Line Revenue Growth

Occupancy and Rate; When Is Seniors Housing Going to Stop Order-Taking and Get Serious About Top Line Revenue Growth? Operators have cut everything they can from operational budgets to the point that there is very little left to cut. It’s time to move from managing a budget; to managing a business and a thriving one [...]

3 Follow-Up Techniques Your Sales Team is Skipping

3 Follow-Up Techniques Your Sales Team is Skipping How to Implement a Reliable Method for Transforming Follow-Up Techniques   Giving your sales team CRM software doesn’t ensure your inquiry-to-tour or tour-to-move-in ratio will improve. Even when your sales team captures prospects’ information, they may be missing an important step in shortening the sales cycle—follow-up.   [...]

The Science behind Why Senior Living Sales Counselors Forget Their Onboarding

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Sometimes there’s a gap between who your operation is… And the customer experience you want to create for potential residents. From poorly managed lead generation to lackluster conversion metrics, it’s not uncommon for senior living communities to struggle to consistently improve occupancy, net operating income, and top-line growth. And, many times, you can trace the […]

Why Most Senior Housing Leaders Fail to Spark Disruptive Innovation

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  The senior housing industry is ripe for disruption. And if you’re not prepared for the shift that’s happening, your senior living operation is at risk of being displaced and marginalized by competitors. At Bild & Co, we’re issuing a clarion call for all senior living leaders in the nation. Whether you’re a CEO or […]

4 Best Practices for Launching a Profitable Seniors Housing Development

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When opening a senior housing development, there are some non-negotiables for solid operations. >>Minimize unnecessary expenses. >>Create long-term relationships with key suppliers. >>Use technology to streamline activities. Put simply, following these and other industry best practices increases your chances for success. But here’s what you need to realize… Growing occupancy for your community is no […]