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Mystery Shopping


How Operators can Drive Operational Efficiencies so that More Seniors can Afford Senior Living

How Operators can Drive Operational Efficiencies so that More Seniors can Afford Senior Living And Learn 3 Creative Ways to Reduce Expenses   We recently …

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How Our Senior Living Consultants Empower Your Operation to Close Sales Gaps

From hiring the right executive director to helping sales counselors retain their training, over the past weeks, the Bild & Co blog has focused on …

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How to Interpret Your Senior Living Mystery Shopping Results

There’s a reason operations around the country request our senior living mystery shopping services. They reveal hidden data. They offer quick insights. They act as …

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How Senior Living CEOs Can Finally Diagnose Plummeting Occupancy—Mystery Shopping

As a senior living CEO, the burden is on you to increase net operating income and revenue at your communities. That’s why, when occupancy begins …

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3 Reasons Your Poor Customer Service Is Destroying Revenue Opportunity

In the United States, businesses lose approximately 41 billion dollars a year because of one factor. This factor isn’t economic attrition, competitive disadvantage, or shifting …

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7 Steps to Garner Positive Online Reviews

According to social media expert and thought leader Brian Solis, “Welcome to a new era of marketing and service in which your brand is defined …

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Don’t You Wish You Had a Crystal Ball?

Do you remember a couple of weeks ago Traci Bild’s article, “Why? 3 Questions Every Senior Living CEO Needs to Ask”? She challenges every CEO, …

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