7 Steps to Resetting Your Life in 2021 and It Starts Now

IF YOU ARE MENTALLY EXHAUSTED, TIRED OF THE DAILY CHAOS IN THE NEWS AND ON YOUR SOCIAL FEEDS, AND SEEK A REPRIEVE; THESE 7 STEPS WILL SPARK A NEW BEGINNING IN YOUR LIFE TODAY   I’ve always had a fascination with words, their meaning, and most importantly, their power. Consider these words:  Possibility Adventure Wonder […]

We are Marketing & Selling Senior Living WRONG

SENIOR LIVING OPERATORS ARE MARKETING AND SELLING ASSISTED AND INDEPENDENT LIVING COMMUNITIES WRONG AND IT’S SHOWING IN THEIR FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE   Waiting it out rather than enforcing change; senior living operators, investors and developers continue to see declining occupancy, revenue, and net operating income. I just returned home from dropping my mom off at the […]

A Peek Into The Future of Senior Living Operators


A GAPING HOLE IS WIDENING AND IS GOING TO FESTER, CREATING FINANCIAL CHAOS IN 3Q20 FOR SENIOR LIVING OPERATORS AND INVESTORS Experts predict that seniors housing occupancy could drop by at least 100 to 200 basis points a month through the end of June; how will assisted living operators respond? A PEEK INTO THE FUTURE [...]

Seniors Housing is about to be turned on its head!

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SENIORS HOUSING IS ABOUT TO BE TURNED ON ITS HEAD: 5 STEPS TO TAKE RIGHT NOW       Independent and Assisted Living sales and marketing as well as operational strategies must be put in place right now to pivot and ensure viability as our industry once again transforms  I have a quote that hangs on my bathroom [...]

Keeping Sales & Marketing Pipeline STRONG

5 Steps You Can Take Tomorrow to Implement New Processes to Bring Stability to Your Seniors Housing Operation, Improve Communication and Keep the Sales and Marketing Pipeline Intact Independent and assisted living operators are in uncharted territory; while all eyes are on operations, someone has to keep a focus on sales, building a strong pipeline [...]

Get Serious about Top Line Revenue Growth

Occupancy and Rate; When Is Seniors Housing Going to Stop Order-Taking and Get Serious About Top Line Revenue Growth? Operators have cut everything they can from operational budgets to the point that there is very little left to cut. It’s time to move from managing a budget; to managing a business and a thriving one [...]

Secrets In Seniors Housing That Market Leaders Don’t Want You To Know

The Secret Movement Evolving In Seniors Housing That Market Leaders May Not Want You To Know How a global trend, the experience economy, can transform and inject massive growth and profitability into the Seniors Housing Industry   As you may have read in my recent blog or as featured in Senior Housing News, I recently [...]