Discounting to Drive Senior Living Move-Ins Could Have Dire Consequences

DISCOUNTING RENT TO DRIVE ASSISTED LIVING MOVE INS COULD HAVE DIRE CONSEQUENCES FOR SENIORS HOUSING OWNERS, INVESTORS AND OPERATORS   With independent and assisted living sales and marketing efforts failing to produce the move ins needed to net up and gain occupancy traction, operators show signs of desperation with little concern as to the long-term [...]

A Peek Into The Future of Senior Living Operators


A GAPING HOLE IS WIDENING AND IS GOING TO FESTER, CREATING FINANCIAL CHAOS IN 3Q20 FOR SENIOR LIVING OPERATORS AND INVESTORS Experts predict that seniors housing occupancy could drop by at least 100 to 200 basis points a month through the end of June; how will assisted living operators respond? A PEEK INTO THE FUTURE [...]

6-Steps to Avoid a Blow to 2Q20 Earnings

Man holding chart

6-STEPS TO ALIGN SENIOR LIVING OPERATORS AND INVESTORS DURING COVID-19 TO AVOID A DEVASTING BLOW TO 2Q20 EARNINGS Sales and marketing cannot be an after-thought during this pandemic. Assisted living and memory care owners and operators must balance sales, marketing and operations more carefully than ever, or risk facing a devastating blow to occupancy, revenue [...]

Keeping Sales & Marketing Pipeline STRONG

5 Steps You Can Take Tomorrow to Implement New Processes to Bring Stability to Your Seniors Housing Operation, Improve Communication and Keep the Sales and Marketing Pipeline Intact Independent and assisted living operators are in uncharted territory; while all eyes are on operations, someone has to keep a focus on sales, building a strong pipeline [...]

3 Critical Takeaways from My Seniors Housing Conference Keynote Address at LALA

There’s nothing like a senior housing conference to sharpen your leadership skills and help you walk away energized, motivated, and inspired. If you were at the Louisiana Assisted Living Association’s (LALA) Annual Conference, then you had a chance to hear me speak in person on senior living leadership.   But many of you didn’t make […]

Sharing Your Senior Housing Pricing Information—What the Data Says

When it comes to your senior living properties, having the right senior housing pricing is critical. After all, driving growth depends on accurately assessing your operation’s value and what prospects are willing to pay. While it’s important to set rates that maximize ROI, there’s another important consideration related to your senior housing pricing…sharing your information. […]

Senior Housing Investors Are Concerned About…(Hint: It Comes Down to One Thing)

There’s no picture-perfect investment. No matter how strong the market demand is or how weak your competitors are, for senior housing investors, each portfolio carries its own share of risk. While some risks are small, others are weightier. For instance, purchasing a property in a less-than-ideal location could be less significant than acquiring several properties […]

3 Tips for Effective Communication: Creating Buy-In That Fuels Occupancy Growth

  The job responsibilities of the senior living CEO are many. Some days you’re analyzing operational costs…other days you’re holding meetings to successfully navigate regulatory changes. But most days, it seems as if your title should be ECO—Effective Communication Officer. After all, effective communication is critical when it comes to harmonizing competing stakeholder claims and […]