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Case Study: Keystone Gardens and Meadows

Keystone Gardens and Meadows is an independent living and assisted living community located in Decatur, Illinois. Keystone Meadows is an assisted living that opened in 1999 and has 59 apartments. They support residents that need a helping hand, yet want to maintain their independence, with 24 hour support services and a beautiful environment. Keystone Gardens is an independent living community that opened in 2001 with 50 apartments. Here they offer comfort to residents who want to enjoy freedom from chores and burdens, as well as access to support an active lifestyle.

The challenge

There was a need for a systematic process to field inquiries, plan for personal visits and tours, as well as follow up thereafter. There needed to be a process in place to discover what the callers really needed and wanted most, and to be able to match those needs in a way that built value into next steps. Keystone has an incredible atmosphere with great services so they wanted to be sure their message was clear to the families  and ultimately leading families to solutions in addition to educating them.

The solution

When we began working together, our goal was to implement BILD Systems, starting with a focus on the Inquiry Process. Kendra, Sales Director at Keystone, did a great job building relationships. She needed a plan in place to engage with leads and learn how to best advise them on next steps. We kicked off our journey together and went to work putting the BILD tools to practice on weekly coaching calls, along with an on-site visit. We also dove into the “numbers” to identify strengths and areas of opportunity using conversion ratios and benchmarks, as well as Bild mystery shops as a measure of progress.

The results

Keystone saw a growth in occupancy of 5 apartments throughout our 90 day journey! Their ongoing goal is to maintain use of the BILD System and Tools. Kendra is also working to build relationships with other professionals to further educate them on exactly how Keystone can be a solution for their own clients and patients. Through consistency with the BILD Internal Sales System, and a great mindset, they will be able to continue their success!

“The results we saw from the Bild 90-day training program were amazing. Using a combination of advanced reporting methods, tracking of key metrics and Bild’s mystery shops, we were easily able to see the progress in our sales team as it occurred. The on-site visit at our community was so incredibly valuable. It opened our eyes to some very important changes that needed to be made and the Bild team was there to help us work through those changes every step of the way.”


Jason Beckerleg

Vice President of Marketing & Communications at Keystone Senior Living

Decatur, Illinois

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