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Case Study: Berman Commons Assisted Living & Memory Care


Berman Commons is a brand new Senior Living Community in Dunwoody, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta. It is committed to offering many amenities and engaging programs to the residents they serve. They offer 90 spacious apartments that include Assisted Living, as well as an entire floor dedicated to the Ackerman Memory Care Unit. This community prides themselves on the chef-prepared kosher meals and opportunities for residents to maintain an independent and active lifestyle.

The Situation

The challenge was the need to define an Inquiry Process prior to the completion of construction for those interested in learning more about the community. There needed to be a process in place to discover what the callers really needed and wanted most, and to be able to match those needs without a physical building to show them!

The Bild Approach

The solution when we began working together was to implement BILD Systems, especially focusing on the Inquiry Process, how the sales team could then specifically needs match what they were hearing, and to then build enough value with what would be coming with Berman Commons to be able to gain a commitment from the families they were working with. We also worked to establish how to best organize those efforts to assure excellent customer service to the population they were quickly working with. We kicked off our journey together and went to work putting these tools to practice on weekly coaching calls, along with a couple of on-site visits, with Community Sales Counselors’ Jyl and Judy. The families they were working with were excited to be a part of something so new and exciting!

The Results

Berman Commons held its Grand Opening on March 2015 and the residents began moving into their new home by the end of the month! The team at Berman Commons is incredibly proud of what they have to offer and are already working on their waitlist! The diligences of their efforts are to be admired – and it has paid off! The quality of life that is being offered is very desirable to residents and their family. The ongoing goal is to maintain consistency with the BILD Systems that are in place and continue to reach families that appreciate their expertise in making the tough decisions that come along with the need for senior housing.

[blockquote]“The Bild team helped us create a productive sales structure that focused on really understanding the needs of our future residents. As a result, we had 35 move ins by the end of March. Today we have have 61 out of 90 apartments reserved. The systems they helped us put in place and the resources we gained through our partnership with Bild continues to bring value to our entire organization, not just Berman Commons.” [/blockquote]– Shari Bayer, Marketing Director at Berman Commons Assisted Living & Memory Care.

Prepared by Stephanie Stampflmeier, Census & Sales Strategist at Bild & Co.

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