Nearly $2 Million Revenue Growth in 6 Months Using Laser-Focused Sales Training

THE PROBLEM: Low Occupancy

Our client, a retirement community with seven locations in the Northwest, experienced a common problem: low occupancy. Across multiple communities, they remained steady at 82% occupancy. Concerned about the continued slump in sales despite a growing customer base, the leadership contacted us to see how we could help them increase occupancy – and revenue.

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The BILD Solution

Using our systemized approach, we began a pilot project with two communities within the larger network of retirement, assisted living and memory care assets. After discussions with executive directors, we discovered gaps in the sales process that we addressed using a twofold approach:

  • Implementing the Bild Sales System via a launch seminar and weekly revenue growth coaching sessions.

  • Providing referral development training to the sales team to grow qualified leads and reduce dependency on paid referrals.

We worked closely with the sales managers to provide a laser focus on increased sales and higher occupancy. By providing systematized sales training, coaching and support, and using specific strategies to increase referrals, the pilot project increased occupancy almost immediately. Due to the success of the pilot project, our training programs were extended to include 70% of the portfolio.


The pilot program achieved impressive results in the short term, and within 7 months, communities that implemented our approach increased occupancy to 100% at market rate rents. Company-wide, they experienced 30% growth with increased revenue of nearly $2 million.

To continue sales momentum, the company used our Sales Maintenance Coaching Program to solidify sales increases and created a waiting list for communities using this approach.

Increased Occupancy at Market Rate Rents
Increased Revenue

If you’re ready to increase occupancy and revenue with proven sales solutions, contact Bild and Co. today.

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