Positive Morale and Proven Systems Result in 300% Increase in Deposits

THE PROBLEM: Lack of Sales Training & Process

Numbers don’t lie – but they don’t always tell the whole story. When communities report low occupancy, decreased revenue, or low sales, it’s time to look below the surface to find the real problem.

A portfolio of 14 locations in the Midwest that included independent living, assisted living, and memory care communities totaling nearly 600 units asked for help from Bild & Co. Their sales executive had left the organization, leaving sales directors adrift and dejected. The sales team was in desperate need of a leader to provide direction and motivation to not only increase occupancy but improve morale as well.

Sales Training Process
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The BILD Solution

Acting as the interim sales executive, the Bild & Co team outlined a 7-step approach that targeted improving morale first, followed by implementing systems to get sales back on track. This approach included:

  • 1. Staff Motivation – Rebuilding confidence in those who were dedicated to improving performance and developing options for those who wanted to move outside the organization.

  • 2. Leadership Training – Providing sales leadership training to executive directors on sales techniques, accountability, use of systems, and sales results.

  • 3. Systems Implementation – Implementing Bild & Co’s proven sales system at all communities, including referral outreach and structured appointment setting.

  • 4. Lead Capture and Follow-up – Creating system-wide compliance to capture all leads into a centralized CRM system, including follow-up communication sequences.

  • 5. Responsibility and Accountability – Training the entire sales team to be responsible for their performance and accountable for results.

  • 6. Metrics Reporting – Communicating performance metrics throughout the organization.

  • 7. Customer Service Training – Expanding the sales approach to include all employees, including department heads and line staff

While comprehensive in their approach, the Bild team also used enthusiasm and creativity to improve morale and ultimately sales results. One method included posting a weekly sales thermometer to create positive peer pressure and friendly competition.


In less than 6 months, deposit activity increased nearly 300% – an all-time high for this portfolio. Sales teams experienced the true meaning of “community” by improving morale – and results – using Bild & Co’s comprehensive approach to increasing sales.

Increased Deposit Activity
High Team Morale

If you’re ready to increase occupancy and revenue with proven sales solutions, contact Bild and Co. today.