Grow Occupancy using Digital Marketing to Target the Right Customer

THE PROBLEM: Engaging The Decision-Maker

While everyone loves high occupancy rates, reaching those much desired 100% metrics is a multi-step process that begins with a narrow focus: engaging the decision-maker. While future residents may make a unilateral decision to move to a retirement community, it is often a family decision that includes adult children with a vested interest in the long-term care of the resident.

A faith-based, mission-driven, not-for-profit senior care provider in Arizona contacted Bild & Co with the intent of increasing engagement with potential customers and new residents. They offer independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing, and memory care across four locations. They knew that digital marketing could help attract more leads, but needed help developing a successful system.

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The BILD Solution

The company agreed to implement a digital marketing strategy to engage new residents and attract future prospects but needed a reliable, systematic approach that would be cost-effective.

  • Target Market – A critical first step in any marketing campaign is to identify a well-defined customer. The Adult Female Child, who plays multiple roles in caring, supporting, and making difficult decisions for her senior parents or loved ones, was the targeted customer for this campaign.

  • Trust is THE Relationship Driver – The Target Market – Adult Female Child – does not just want information, but a relationship with the community and its staff. The key component for this relationship requires building trust that her loved ones will be cared for in a supportive environment. Trust, credibility, and relationship were all key themes included in marketing materials.

  • Taking the First Step – Encouraging the Adult Female Child to take the first step and visit the community was a key component in the sales process. We built in a system for the future resident, adult child(ren), and other decision-makers to book an appointment to visit and encouraged them to trust that they were making the correct life-changing decision.

Our Digital Marketing System

Intending to reach the target where she lives, we employed a multi-step digital marketing system to attract more leads. The system is the tool used to reach future residents but can only be effective after understanding who the ideal target market is. We implemented the following digital marketing techniques, building a system that would be easy to use and 100% turnkey for future campaigns

  • Lead Magnet: A compelling lead magnet geared toward the adult child audience, we created a free checklist with top considerations when moving a loved one to a senior living community.

  • Opt-in Form & Segmentation: Visitors were directed to an opt-in form, where we requested their email address and phone, and asked them what level of care they desired, which allowed us to segment the audience to educate them based on their care interest.

  • Thank-You Page: Based on what care level leads selected, they were sent to a specific thank-you page that addressed their individual concerns/needs, included the free checklist, and request to schedule a community tour.

  • Email Sequence: Immediately after the prospect opted in for the lead magnet, we sent a series of nurturing emails. The call to action was to call with questions and/or to schedule a tour of the community.

  • Google Pay-Per-Click Ads: We drove traffic via Google ads to a compelling lead magnet. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads were created to target the adult children.

  • Pop-up for Organic Traffic: In addition to PPC ads, we added a pop-up opt-in form to our client’s website to increase opt-ins from organic site traffic. Opt-ins continued even after the Google PPC campaign ended.


By identifying the targeted decision-maker and creating a digital campaign that built trust and support, the company captured over 230 leads within the first 4 months. The client received nearly 42,000 website hits and an astounding email open rate of 40% and 15% click-through rate. All told, targeted customers responded to the campaign in record numbers. The first resident moved in within the first 90 days of the campaign – entirely as a result of the digital marketing system – paying for the entire cost of the campaign.

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If you’re ready to increase occupancy and revenue with proven sales solutions, contact Bild and Co. today.