For two decades, BILD has been partnering with senior living owners and operators to solve their most complex revenue problems. Whether turning around an underperforming asset, ensuring a new development project or campus expansion hits its proforma targets, providing in depth competitive analysis to optimize rent and care fees, or building out the entire sales and marketing infrastructure for an operating platform; BILD is synonymous with results. Our Sales, Marketing, and Research team, along with sister Company BILDX which offers sales technology support, work in unison to maximize occupancy, revenue, and profitability.


Let BILD act as your owner representative, providing valuable advice and guidance as you navigate the highly competitive and complex senior living real estate sector. Have you experienced any of the following?

  • Invested in the senior living sector, but lack the industry expertise to maximize your returns and are getting pushback from unresponsive operators?

  • Your senior living assets are losing valuation and underperforming with no solid strategy in place to change course?

  • Demand results from your operating partner to be received with nothing but excuses?

  • Faced challenges in finding and managing an operator who can deliver quality care and operational excellence?

  • Disappointment by the slow pace of change and improvement in a competitive and dynamic market?

If you answered yes to these questions, you need BILD owner representation. We are your trusted partner and advisor, who will ensure your senior living portfolio exceeds your financial goals.
We will help you with the following:

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We push for excellence, not mediocrity.

Let’s BILD together!

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