Leverage Weekly Data Findings to Enhance Your Business Performance.

Are you a Broker, Advisor or Investment Banker?

The Bild & Co team would like to be your strategic partner, providing the resources and expertise needed to maximize the advisory and services provided to your clients. We align with your goal to strategically position a single property or portfolio to maximize value in a sale. merger and acquisition, financing or other capital events.

Maximize Competitive Advantage and Identify Value Creation Opportunities

An inherent goal of any sale or refinancing is distinguishing the competitive advantage of a particular property compared to competitors in a market. To best position properties the Bild team will go into the market, understand the competition, identify how best to drive pricing and service delivery for a better product and competitive advantage.

A seller’s intent is to capitalize on the competitive advantages of a given property to be reflected in sale price, and highlight the value creation opportunities available to a buyer. This enhances the attractiveness of a property and increases future value of a property that a buyer is willing to pay.

In a period as short as six months, the Bild & Co team can reposition your community, grow rents, occupancy, revenue and in turn the value and sale price for a strong sale or refi.

Maximize Sale Price

Sale price is based on capitalized value of NOI. We increase NOI by increasing occupancy without compromising rate.

In fact, the Bild team will dive into the market to understand the opportunity to drive rates as well as premium price your apartments individually, for improved rental revenue.

If you desire to further increase the bottom line, we can simultaneously review marketing investments and ROI, reduce wasteful spending and put a plan in place to reduce dependency on third party paid referral sources by implementing grass roots referral outreach programs.

Maximize Certainty of Transaction Execution

Occupancy oftentimes drops during preparation for a sale, throughout the marketing of a property and transactional due diligence. This can lead to a deal falling apart or being re-traded, both of which are detrimental to you and your clients. When brought into the preparation of a prospective sale early enough, the Bild & Co team can shore up occupancy by keeping the sales and marketing team’s eye on the ball during this critical process. This decreases deal risk and leads to higher certainty of execution of a transaction, higher sale prices and better NOI stability for a buyer’s year-one budget pro forma.


Our objective third-party insight into operator performance and market intelligence is critical to a disciplined underwriting process for acquisition and development financing, especially in this competitive environment.

Lenders, banks and financial intermediaries are beginning to require Bild & Co be involved in financing before granting investment committee approval, and this trend is catching on.

Our comp analysis is generated from grass roots direct human sourced data collection, rather than relying on third party data subscriptions. This is a major differentiation in the industry, and the insights and conclusions that can be applied from our analysis lead to higher levels of sustainable security of a property’s cash flow stream.

“Bild and Co has been a valued partner in evaluating new markets, and is always ready to react quickly and responsively to assist in our analysis of competitive markets”




“Belmont Village is proud to partner with Bild and Associates to drive sales performance and results.  Competitive Intelligence and customer feedback are both critical to driving revenue, customer satisfaction and exceeding business goals.  The team at Bild is dynamic, innovative, driven and passionate. We value our partnership as we continue to build a Best in Class sales force.”




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