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Change Leadership in the Face of Uncertainty: Dos and Don’ts for the Senior Living CEO

  Change leadership is challenging for an important reason. You’re reinventing your senior living operation...based on a future you and your team can’t fully predict. If you’re a senior living CEO, that’s a bit unnerving. You know that disruption is coming to the senior living industry. You know it’s time to make the shift. You’re

June 12th, 2018|
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Help Your Senior Housing Operation Make the Shift: Get Clear on Your Change Management Plan

For sustainable top-line growth, your senior housing organization faces a crossroads. You can continue to use outdated models of serving customer needs. Or you can recognize the coming Silver Tsunami, shift your organizational culture, and radically reinvent how you meet customer needs. As you already know, making a shift requires more than a C-suite meeting

June 5th, 2018|
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Empowering Your Senior Housing Organization to Make the Shift—Creating the Right Culture

Industry disruption and disruptive innovation. That’s been the theme of our blog series, and we’ve looked at everything from the coming senior housing industry shift to creating communication that fuels innovation. Before we conclude this series, we’re looking at one final topic for innovating where it counts—culture change. Culture is critical for transforming how you

May 29th, 2018|
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5 Ways to Create the Communication That Fuels Senior Housing Innovation

No senior housing leader will deny the importance of communication. However—the reality is—most leaders aren’t creating the right kind of communication in their operations. The kind of communication we’re talking about? This communication… Fuels disruptive innovation. Is the opposite of ambiguous buzzwords. Brings different departments together to collaborate. Creates one central message for every organizational

May 22nd, 2018|

Address Disruption Head-On: 3 Guidelines for the Senior Housing C-Suite and Investors

The senior housing industry is facing disruption. That’s the theme of this month’s series as we warn operations—small and large—that there’s a Silver Tsunami coming that will alter today’s senior living landscape. But here’s another reality. The senior housing niche is also facing low occupancy. According to Senior Housing News, NIC has recently reported that

May 15th, 2018|
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The Senior Housing Industry Is Ready for Disruption. Are You Prepared to Radically Serve Customer Needs?

“We have potential for more upside in senior housing...but we don’t know what the silver bullet is.” “My communities are capable of achieving 95% occupancy and stellar ROI. I can’t pinpoint why my census is never stable.” “When we built this property, we easily estimated we’d be ⅔ full by now. Why is growth so

May 8th, 2018|
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Why Most Senior Housing Leaders Fail to Spark Disruptive Innovation

  The senior housing industry is ripe for disruption. And if you’re not prepared for the shift that’s happening, your senior living operation is at risk of being displaced and marginalized by competitors. At Bild & Co, we’re issuing a clarion call for all senior living leaders in the nation. Whether you’re a CEO or

May 1st, 2018|

3 Critical Takeaways from My Senior Housing Conference Keynote Address at LALA

There’s nothing like a senior housing conference to sharpen your leadership skills and help you walk away energized, motivated, and inspired. If you were at the Louisiana Assisted Living Association’s (LALA) Annual Conference, then you had a chance to hear me speak in person on senior living leadership.   But many of you didn’t make

April 24th, 2018|

What CEOs Should Know about Developing Senior Living Referrals…But Don’t: Insights from a Sales and Census Strategist

If you’re a senior living CEO, you know that focusing on the big picture is vital to the health and growth of your organization. At Bild & Co., we’re all about helping the C-suite focus on high-level goals. While it’s great to operate in the strategic stratosphere, spending 80% of your time on high-level goals

April 17th, 2018|
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Turnover in Senior Living and Millennials: The Truth about Younger Talent

Turnover in senior living is a problem. From executive directors to sales team members, most operations struggle with communities that always seem to have a high churn rate. To find a solution, you have to dig deep into the dynamics of your community talent. And—for most operations—that means understanding a number of team members who

April 10th, 2018|
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