Empower Your Team with Systems That Drive Senior Living Sales with Bild Sales Academy
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Per student cost - $1850.00

For groups of 10 or more, please contact us at 
1-800-640-0688 to learn about group rates 
and private academy sessions
For six weeks, attendees participate in six live, hour-long sessions
There’s no need to use discounts and incentives as a crutch while your community suffers from poor occupancy due to industry-average metrics, poorly trained sales counselors, 
and ineffective—or absent—sales systems.
Bild Sales Academy is designed to equip executive directors, sales directors, and regional sales leaders with the tools to exceed metrics and drive senior living sales. From training newly hired team members to learning the best sales practices yourself, Bild Sales Academy reveals how to transform a prospect from an inquiring caller to a raving-fan resident.

Bild Sales Academy Certificate

Each Bild Sales Academy participant receives their Bild Sales Academy Certificate when 95% is achieved during the six weeks!

Face-to-Face Instruction

Over six sessions, participants interact in a live online classroom. Video conferencing allows both students and the instructor to see each other for increased accountability and personal connection.

Homework and Related Resources

To solidify learning, students will receive homework and resources after each session. The goal is to cement the Bild Academy senior living sales training for better revenue.

Developing an Action Plan

To help immediately increase occupancy, each participant builds an action plan for the next quarter to implement what was learned during the Bild Sales Academy sessions.
What is Bild Sales Academy?
Bild Sales Academy is an online sales training course that equips attendees to close revenue gaps for their senior living operations. Over six weeks, attendees participate in six live, hour-long sessions with their instructor. To ensure personalized attention, classes are limited to 15 individuals or less. 
Gain the Resources You Need to Net Up and Grow
When you sign up for Bild Sales Academy, you’ll receive a number of resources to help you gain traction in your senior living sales department. With Bild Sales Academy, you’ll access…


A step-by-step system for taking a lead from inquiry to move-in.


Bild’s sales systems and proprietary connection sheets given during one-on-one training.


Email templates, best practice tools, and other supplemental resources to impact the sales process.

Call Training

Role-play audio to hear examples of successful interactions with leads.
Find empowerment to increase revenue when you enroll in the next Bild Sales Academy course.
What You’ll Discover Each Week to Increase Senior Living Sales
  •  Week 1 - Establish a vision for successfully shortening your sales cycle. Your first week sets the tone for the entire course. During this session, you’ll discover the power of solid sales systems, value building, and developing an emotional connection in senior living sales.
  •  Week 2 - Discover why it’s so important to capture every single lead to avoid lost revenue. This session reveals how to convert 60% or more of your inquiries into on-site community tours while overcoming obstacles that make your prospects say no.
  •  Week 3 - Learn clear steps for creating customized tours, and increase your odds of closing to the next step. In this week, you’ll also grasp how to anticipate and resolve the objections that that stymie revenue.
  •  Week 4 - Discover Bild’s Five-Step Telephone System to convert follow-up contacts into subsequent appointments. You’ll gain the secret to stacking the odds in your favor for calling your prospects.
  •  Week 5 - Gain a defined process for your next steps after a community tour. This session provides the tools you need to overcome hesitancies and turn community tours into move-ins.
  •  Week 6 - Dive into the Bild Connection Sheets that will warm up your database and help you strategize how to close your leads based on next steps and action steps.
How to Join the Next Bild Sales Academy Class
 Bild & Company has limited the number of students to 15 participants or less per class. Secure your spot NOW!
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