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Easily implement Bild’s proven sales system organization wide

Integrate the Bild CRM Plug-In into your communities and gain…

  • A platform powered by Enquire Solutions…with the ability to increase your call-to-tour ratio by 87%.  
  • A user-friendly interface and design.
  • The ability to monitor entire communities and individual sales representatives.
  • Accountability features to avoid leaving money on the table.    
  • Robust reports that put laser focus on growing occupancy and revenue.
  • API that seamlessly integrates with existing platforms.
  • Pop-up coaching features.
  • Paperless system as all Bild tools are built into the CRM.

Customized Reports, Insightful Data

Customized reports can put a finger on the pulse of your KPIs for occupancy and revenue. Using Enquire Solutions, you can create reports for the data cached in Bild CRM. Features include trend analysis, charts, graphs, and a drag-and-drop feature for report generation. Once you generate the report you need, easily export it to a PDF document, Excel spreadsheet, or image for distribution to investors or community leaders.

Use Bild CRM’s data analysis to ensure your sales teams are following the Bild Sales Systems. The Bild CRM Plug-In helps ensure no leads slip through the cracks.

Customize how you monitor potential revenue.

Lead your leads to convert! The Bild CRM Plug-In provides automated workflows so no lead is left behind. It also helps you monitor open leads, indicating whether they are hot, warm, or cold with lead scoring. Find specific information on prospects when you search your lead database with customized fields that filter your results.

Will your revenue trend upward?

Trend reports show where you’ve been and where you’re going. Monitor if you’re moving toward full occupancy with reporting features. From lead conversions to individual salesperson statistics, simply drag and drop a field to create a trend report or other graphic representation.

Make lost leads a thing of the past.

When you lose a lead, you lose potential revenue. Enjoy how the Bild CRM Plug-Ins automated workflows prompt your sales team to follow the Bild inquiry and follow-up systems, shortening your sales cycle. Auto-populated tasks schedule activities for sales team members based on the particular response of each lead. The Bild CRM Plug-In prevents profitable leads from slipping through your fingers.

Time-Saving Customized Fields

Every senior care community is unique. That’s why the Bild CRM Plug-In has built a platform with customizable fields. When you need specific information from your lead database, use these to narrow your search results. Customized fields save you time, an important benefit if you’re a busy operator.

Marketing Campaigns to Close Leads

Increased revenue isn’t possible if you can’t convert your leads. The Bild CRM Plug-In addresses this challenge and helps you support your marketing campaigns. From open houses to nurture emails, the Bild CRM Plug-In provides you data analysis to evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing strategy. Reports quickly tell you how individuals are responding to your campaign.

  • Build a marketing campaign strategy.
  • Segment your lead database by specific characteristics for targeted marketing.
  • Save time with email templates.
  • Access email campaign statistics (bounce rates, open rates, etc.).
  • Craft email and mailing lists from your lead database.

Automated Activities to Boost Revenue

Close revenue gaps with automated activities. The Bild CRM Plug-In provides accountability for your sales team members. Once a lead enters your database, this platform schedules a number of conditional activities. With each completed outreach or contact, The Bild CRM Plug-In selects the next move your salesperson should make. You can easily customize the Bild CRM Plug-In’s workflow to fit your community.

Easy Integrations

The Bild CRM Plug-In isn’t a loner. It easily integrates with a number of software systems—accounting, clinical, referral, and marketing. To accomplish this, Enquire Solutions has a number of plugins. Use these plugins so Bild CRM and your other data sources function as a cohesive unit.

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