The Bild & Company Team

Meet the team responsible for helping transform the seniors’ housing and care industry. Over the past two decades, this group of powerhouse women have made it their mission to professionalize sales, marketing, and customer service within the senior living space. Always evolving, we understand the unique challenge of running a strong healthcare operation while producing financial results for vested stakeholders. We help communities nationwide experience high occupancy and zero lost revenue days at market-rate rents.

Meet the amazing Bild Team!

Traci Bild

Traci Bild

Traci’s grandfather resided in a skilled nursing home where her mother was a caregiver and Traci a volunteer candy-striper. Never did she realize how vested she would become in the world of senior care or how much it would impact her adult life.

Today, Traci is the Founder and CEO of Bild & Company, a national healthcare consulting firm. Through her company’s work, she is able to impact the lives of seniors like her own grandfather, Harold, every day.

With deep roots in senior living, Traci and her team provide the sales and marketing infrastructure for small- to mid-size operators. Her firm has helped hundreds of organizations close revenue gaps, gain a competitive edge, and strengthen their financial operations.

Landing on Inc.’s 2013 Fastest Growing Company list, Bild & Company has been featured in media outlets such as the BBC, the Wall Street Journal, and USA Today. Traci has published three books: 7 Steps to Successful Selling, industry favorite Zero Lost Revenue Days, and her non-business hit for women, Get Your Girl Back.

Traci is married to the love of her life, David, and has two children, Paris and Noah. In her spare time, you’ll find Traci outside, enjoying her love for nature with gardening, biking, or boating. Or you may just find her traveling, exploring the history and great food of the places she visits on her never-ending quest for adventure!

What do you enjoy most about your job?  

Taking complicated problems and breaking them down into simple, manageable steps. I find joy in helping executives step out of the day-to-day business to work ON rather than IN their business so they can move toward the growth they wish to see.

Jennifer Saxman
Chief Strategy Officer

Jennifer Saxman is Bild & Co.’s Chief Strategy Officer who works with our internal team and external partners to facilitate communication and increase profitability for senior living operations.

Jennifer believes that Bild & Co. offers an experience like none other because it shapes clients and creates strong sales skill sets for life. Dedicated to making an impact, she works to improve processes, put smart and driven women to work, and empower her clients to be more successful.

From 2009 through 2013, Jennifer coached over 200 individual communities and achieved a cumulative revenue growth of 4.8 million in her portfolio.

Today, she successfully manages over $2 million in client investments with average ROIs of 24%. On average, each community earns $250,000 of additional revenue over a 12-month span.  

Thanks to her background in coaching and training, Jennifer possesses an in-depth understanding of the facets involved in a project, which allows her to bring a distinct value to Bild & Co.’s client experience.

Jennifer holds a BA in business administration from Westminster College and an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh in the Katz Graduate School of Business.

“I believe Bild & Co. offers an experience like none other—that we truly shape the people we work with and create strong sales skill sets for life.”

Jocelyn Schrader
Director of Client Strategy and Operations

Jocelyn Schrader is our Director of Client Strategy and Operations who works with Bild & Co.’s clients across the nation to conduct on-site analyses, review data, and evaluate operations and sales processes.

From experience, Jocelyn knows seniors and their families are underserved as they struggle to understand their housing options…and she’s working to change that reality.

Jocelyn has helped operations to increase regional productivity, improve CRM management, hold on-site teams accountable, and place true talent. Having visited 36 states and assessed nearly 40 companies nationwide, she has played a critical role in helping Bild & Co. generate over $9.5 million in total revenue increase. Each year, Jocelyn supports the team by completing around 300 DISC assessment evaluations to foster a talent-based interview and selection process for our clients’ long-term team member retention.

A licensed nursing home administrator in Iowa and Indiana, Jocelyn spent 5.5 years as an administrator for a CCRC and 2 years as a regional sales director and later regional operations director before joining Bild & Co.

Jocelyn holds her BS in human services with the elderly and her MS in healthcare management from Springfield College in Springfield, MA.  

“Both corporations I worked for previously used the Bild sales system. However, one operation viewed it as just an optional or suggested tool, and, because of that, I know what it’s like to struggle getting your team to use it consistently. However, the other operation implemented it as a true system, so I also know how successful it can make you and your team when it’s used effectively every day.”

Dana Asche
Director of Training

Dana Asche is Bild & Co.’s Director of Training who works with our Census and Sales Strategists as well as clients to strategize solutions for increasing occupancy.

Dana knows that senior housing isn’t a stagnant industry and what was effective 10 years ago simply won’t work today. Thanks to her high-level vision as our Director of Training, she helps our clients stay agile so they improve top-line revenue growth.

During her 5.5 years with Bild & Co., Dana has worked with over 275 communities, and the cumulative revenue increase her clients have gained totals over $15 million. On average, she has achieved a 9.5% growth for her clients, and she typically sees a minimum revenue growth increase of $2 million in her portfolio.

In addition to her background in internal medicine, Dana served as an executive director at an assisted living and memory care community, giving her firsthand knowledge of the challenges and needs at individual properties. Even though the community suffered from a 50% occupancy level, Dana filled the community within a year thanks to her natural skill and execution of the Bild system.  

Dana received training as an EMT and attended Ridgewater College to become a certified medical assistant in nursing.

“I love helping seniors, and this job allows me to make a larger impact as I help clients who will serve seniors and improve their lives. It’s a trickle-down effect.”

Rachel Nader
Census and Sales Strategist

Rachel Nader is a Bild & Co. Census and Sales Strategist who coaches executive- and community-level sales and operational professionals in both a one-on-one and Academy setting. Rachel streamlines broken processes and implements a sustainable system for increased revenue growth. Rachel has also played a critical role in coaching to maintain or exceed the Bild expectation for inquiry-to-tour conversion performance.

Rachel knows that Bild & Co.’s proven sales system simply works. However, she also recognizes that one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why Rachel uses an adaptive teaching approach for training our clients in the Bild system…whether she’s equipping sales directors or providing Train the Trainer coaching to regionals for a trickle-down effect.

During her time with Bild & Co., Rachel has coached over 250 teams. Thanks to Rachel’s training expertise, she has seen her students achieve a 79% inquiry-to-tour conversion average month over month…in contrast to the industry average of 38%.

In addition, Rachel’s coaching for Bild Sales Academy has helped students increase their inquiry-to-tour conversions by an average of 12.5% in a 6-week period.

Rachel holds a bachelor’s degree in commerce from The King’s University where she also served as the vice president of events in The Commerce Association. Rachel grew up in Alberta, Canada, but spent her adult career in the US senior living industry, and she brings a cross-cultural element to the Bild & Co. team.

“Internal sales training is essential to growing occupancy. Even the slightest gap could lose a community or portfolio hundreds of thousands each year.”

Stephanie Stampflmeir
Census and Sales Strategist

Stephanie Stampflmeier is a Bild Census Coach and Sales Strategist who works with senior housing sales professionals, executive directors, and regional managers—empowering them to reach their full potential and improve the experience of seniors and their families.

Stephanie believes that consistency, confidence, and the use of data to identify strengths and areas of opportunity are not simply possible…they’re crucial to success in the senior living industry.

She coaches clients nationally, in both metro and rural markets, toward performance growth. On average, Stephanie has helped her clients achieve a 6% growth in occupancy—translating to a revenue increase of $210,000 a month for a 100-unit community with an average monthly rate of $3,500 per unit.

While Stephanie has 3 years’ experience as a Census Coach and Sales Strategist, prior to her role at Bild & Co., she used the Bild system to bring her independent living community to 100% occupancy with a waiting list. She has nearly 15 years of experience in the senior housing industry, including a position as a social worker in senior care, giving her a unique perspective when it comes to cultivating referrals.  

Stephanie holds a bachelor’s degree in social work from the University of Toledo and has a professional background in skilled nursing.

“Consistency, confidence, and the use of data to identify strengths and areas of opportunity are not only possible, but also crucial to our success in this industry. I believe that an open mind and willingness to try things a new way will greatly contribute to your success. Mindset is everything.”

Dawn Nesvig
Census and Sales Strategist

Dawn Nesvig is a Census and Sales Strategist who works with senior living community owners, regional teams, executive directors, and sales teams to create a strategy and implement the Bild system for increased occupancy.

Dawn empowers her clients with a metrics-driven mindset. She has seen, firsthand, how coaching and sales strategy directly impact census and improve the financial health of an organization. And she understands that, when an operation has the right people, systems, and culture in place, these structures will lead to ongoing success.

Dawn coaches upwards of 20 communities per week toward performance growth and, since becoming a full-time Bild Census and Sales Strategist in 2017, has achieved the average of an 8.3% occupancy increase for her clients, with a cumulative average of $7,000,000 in revenue growth within her portfolio. For one client, occupancy was at 35%. After 4 months of Dawn’s targeted training for outreach and referral development, the community had netted up 16 units for a $854,400 revenue increase, or 7% growth.  For another client, inquiry-to-tour ratio went from 38% to 73% and tour-to-move-in went from 29% to 45% in 3 months.  

During her 15 years in healthcare, Dawn was a sales director, sales specialist, and regional director of sales, giving her seasoned insights as a coach.  

“I believe that by helping more teams effectively communicate with families, I have a higher impact on the quality of life for seniors. In addition, I am also impacting the quality of lives for the sales teams as they learn to work smarter not harder and achieve their sales goals.”

Amy Donner
Executive Assistant

As the executive assistant to Traci Bild and her team, Amy works behind the scenes, planning events, preparing contracts, and providing support for Bild’s leaders so they can empower operations to achieve revenue growth. Amy considers herself blessed to support an organization that’s focused on making a difference, and she loves hearing her fellow team members say, “That is exactly what I needed.” In her personal life, Amy’s biggest accomplishment is her relationship with her husband and three children. In addition to family bike rides, she appreciates a good hike, a fun board game, or an invigorating run.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I love this team of individuals! Traci has assembled an amazing team of women who are super passionate about what they do, and it is incredible to be a part of it.