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Instructor-Led Live Web Classroom

Virtual classrooms provide a cost-effective and flexible option that is especially ideal for onboarding new hires. These intimate, yet highly interactive sessions offer the benefit of instructor-led training.

Our live web classrooms are intentionally kept small so our experienced instructors can keep participants engaged. Participants gain skills, confidence, and behavioral changes to perform at their best. Company-specific new-hire onboarding programs are available.

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The Senior Living Sales Success System

GENERAL ACADEMY | 6-week live web class

REFRESHER ACADEMY | 4-week live web class

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Licensed Training

Leveraging Bild & Co’s licensed training program demonstrates your commitment to training and education, providing the infrastructure to support continued growth internally.

  • Align your brand with Bild & Co’s renowned reputation in sales education.
  • White label the popular Bild & Co Sales System for your organization for greater buy-in.
  • Save time by using our prebuilt curriculum that’s proven to work.
  • Create flexibility to best meet your needs—enjoy our program on your schedule, at your location(s), and for as many times as you want in the 12-month license period.
  • Leverage our online platform to support your license and full implementation with ease.

Bild & Co will provide all materials—customized for your organization for a turnkey training solution. All licensing programs come with a four-hour train-the-trainer session to facilitate a successful launch.

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Reinforce Training with Our Self-Paced E-Learning Platform

Reinforce skills learned through Bild & Co’s self-paced e-learning platform, an excellent follow-up to this 6-week course. When combined with other reinforcement methods, self-paced learning can help salespeople continue to deepen their knowledge of selling seniors housing properly. These courses include knowledge checkpoints—so participants can study on their own time and at their own pace to ensure the content is able to be easily recalled.

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“I am learning so many good things from this class. Definitely worth the investment for our corporation and our team. Thank you, and I look forward to our training this week!”


Terri Lisenbe

Marketing Director at Carriage Inn in Conroe

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“Thank you so much for the training.  I appreciate all of the tools and knowledge shared. The positive approach made it easier for me to try new things and make mistakes.  We were treated as though we were building upon the skills we already have, and you took every opportunity to acknowledge those current skills.  I was so nervous before the training but you made it so easy. Thank you so much for everything, and I hope to see you again soon for more modules.”


Peg B

Community Relations, Belmont Village West Lake Hills


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