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6 Reasons Why You Should Work with a Recruiter

Why Should You Work with a Recruiter When Considering a Job Change?

Candidates often ask how it works when they work through me, an Executive Recruiter, rather then taking chances “shot gunning” their resume to every company within the industry. Below is a list of a few important reasons why you should build a relationship with a recruiter when you are looking for a new opportunity.

  • One word: Feedback! Anyone that has ever applied through a company’s career page can appreciate this one. You will sometimes get a confirmation that the company received your resume, but often that’s where the communication ends. An Executive Recruiter will be able to tell you that the hiring manager has viewed your resume and whether or not they want to move forward. Powerful stuff!
  • What a company really wants: Companies often use templates when they post their open positions. I’ve spoken to hiring managers who tell me they are most interested in finding candidates with “X “ experience in “Y” industry, yet this information is nowhere on the list of job requirements. How are you supposed to know this? When you’re speaking to an Executive Recruiter about a position, they will have this information and better yet, they will be able to coach you to best highlight it on your resume.
  • Objective assessment: Not everyone likes this one, but I think most candidates appreciate it when I give it to them. By telling you that you don’t have the level of experience the company is seeking, you haven’t sold the type of widget the company is selling, or you aren’t at the career level the company is seeking, you can move on to apply to other positions that are a better fit. Most Executive Recruiters will be honest with you right up front.
  • Top Secret Intel: Executive Recruiters will be able to share the coveted information that you can’t get anywhere else. Real version of company culture, team environment, bios of executives, where the company is going, etc.
  • Compensation data! If you’ve ever gone through an entire interview process only to find out the position pays less than what you’re currently making, you will think this is the best thing ever. Yes, the Executive Recruiter might only be able to divulge a range or share with you that your salary requirements are within the company’s range, but what a time saver!
  • Negotiator/Mediator: You’ve told the hiring manager how interested you are in their job, the offer comes and it is lower than you expect. How do you call back the hiring manager and say that you want more money, more vacation time, or discuss benefits? An Executive Recruiter will be able to walk you through the offer stage and will negotiate on your behalf so the entire process is a positive one.

So now that you’re convinced that you must work with an Executive Recruiter, how do you find one? Google search: “Recruiters in: insurance, healthcare, technology” or check out who’s posting the jobs in your favorite industry group on LinkedIn. It might even make sense to build a relationship with a recruiter before you are looking for a new job.


Written by Jodi Bach, Senior Recruiter at Bild & Company.

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