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4 Ways to Market Memory Care on Your Website

For many continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs), providing memory care services for Alzheimer’s or dementia patients is an important selling point.

Elderly individuals and their adult children look for stable, long-term living environments, and an on-site memory care unit can ensure this.

The adult children of your future residents will search for a community that provides…

  • A safe environment.
  • Engaging activities.
  • Needed medical care.

The problem is, even though you offer these services, other communities are making the same claims. Unless you know how to market memory care, the voice of your community may be drowned out by your competition.

One way your small or mid-sized operation can cut through the noise is to leverage digital marketing techniques that showcase your memory care community.

Here are 4 ways you can effectively market memory care for your CCRC:

  1. Create a video providing a tour of your community.

Video is a powerful way to show your prospects the selling points of your community in a brief amount of time. During the research phase, the adult daughter may not feel like calling in to your community.

However, video can give your prospect an obligation-free tour. Even better, you can use your video to bolster the click-throughs and conversions of your other digital marketing techniques.

As HubSpot reports…

  • When your email offers a video, click-throughs can increase by 300%.
  • Placing your video on a landing page can increase conversion by 80%.

As you craft your video, be sure you keep these tips in mind:

#1. Consider the needs of your prospects. Write down a list of the questions visitors to your memory care unit frequently ask. You’ll need to target these in your video.

#2. Next to each need, write how your community fulfills that need. The key here is to consider how your community overcomes the fears and objections of visitors, point by point.

#3. Create a compelling script and shots that showcase both the needs and your solutions. Your final step will be to bring both needs and solutions together. Be sure you make every word count for your script, and ensure you have a professional film your shots.

  1. Use testimonials to market memory care on your website.

One way to ease the minds of prospects is to let them hear voices—that aren’t yours. While it’s important that you communicate the value of your community, online reviews and testimonials are even more effective.

Ask the families of your residents to collaborate for testimonials. If you have enough resources, consider shooting a video while the family members share their story. If time is limited, ask them to write their experience down.

Either way, the testimonials should highlight what concerns they had for mom or dad’s care and how your community resolved their fears.

Be sure you place these memory care testimonials high up on the landing page. You don’t want prospects to scroll to the bottom of your web page before they find evidence of satisfied residents.

  1. Create a memory care-focused blog to showcase expertise.

When you’re trying to market memory care, the key is to present your community as the expert on the subject, and present it often. In general, the more you post quality articles, the better.

According to HubSpot,

Companies that published 16+ blog posts per month got about 4.5X more leads than companies that published between 0 – 4 monthly posts.

If you’re wondering how you will produce enough content for each month, look no further than your prospects.

The best way you can provide value for the children of future residents is to offer them information that answers questions, relieves fears, and clarifies their decision. Here are a few blog topic ideas you can use:

  • The different stages of Alzheimer’s
  • Knowing when dementia has become advanced
  • What a typical day looks like in your memory care unit
  • Nutrition tips for dementia patients
  • Research on memory and cognition
  1. Provide a free report.

You can take the idea of providing value in an article a step further. To market memory care, consider providing a free report for the adult daughter or son to read.

A free ebook or lead magnet allows you to guide prospects through their decision for placing mom or dad in your memory care unit. For instance, you can write a report on…

  • The most common signs of dementia.
  • Nutrition, coordination, and other concerns associated with Alzheimer’s.
  • How to know it’s time for a parent to receive memory care.

Whether you create a free report, shoot a video, or start a blog, your digital marketing tactics are worthless if your sales team doesn’t mirror that digital experience in their interactions.

At Bild & Company, we regularly conduct mystery shopping for Senior Living communities. Time and time again, we find sales counselors treat prospects with insensitivity and undermine favorable impressions.

If you’d like to talk with me personally, feel free to shoot me an email at tbild@bildandco.com. You can also contact us online to get the training that increases occupancy and revenue.

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