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4 Reasons Digital Marketing Ignites Senior Living Sales

When it comes to finding sales traction that boosts revenue, digital marketing can fuel the sales efforts of the mid-sized operator.

If your sales team is struggling with occupancy and revenue, you can’t neglect this important tool. Digital marketing allows you to educate and prequalify your prospective residents, ultimately supporting the activities of your sales counselors.

Digital marketing has a symbiotic relationship with Senior Living sales. While there are more, here are 4 ways digital marketing can ignite sales traction for your senior care community.

#1 Digital marketing provides valuable information on leads.

With digital marketing, you can gain important insights on your leads before you initiate an outreach or phone call. Here’s a practical example of how this can work. Using an email campaign, you send your leads a series of emails, each email highlighting a blog post on your website.

With email tracking, view which of your leads clicked on which links. If one lead clicked through to a post on memory care, you know to highlight your memory care options during the upcoming on-site tour. (To see how this process works, read this Hubspot article on email tracking for digital marketing.)

The point is that digital marketing provides you information on your prospects before you ever pick up the phone or conduct a tour.

#2 Digital marketing educates your leads.

As you take an inquiry or prepare for an on-site community tour, one of your primary goals will be to listen to your prospective residents and educate them on how your community meets their needs.

Digital marketing helps you take the education factor to a new level. You can actually educate your leads before they enter your sales cycle. You can…

  • Write a blog post on evaluating senior care communities. The article serves to highlight your community’s expertise with care options, assuring the adult daughter you understand what it takes to give mom or dad excellent care.
  • Publish a white paper explaining the benefits of a continuing care retirement community. When prospects access this document on your website, they may see your community as a long-term option for their ongoing care needs.

In each instance, you’re helping your leads understand your community before they inquire, increasing the likelihood they will become a move-in.

#3 Digital marketing can take the pressure off your sales team.

The beauty of digital marketing is that it is inbound. If you’re wondering what inbound marketing is, HubSpot describes it in this way…

Inbound marketing is about using marketing to bring potential customers to you, rather than having your marketing efforts fight for their attention.

Translate this to your senior care community. This means digital marketing can bring your prospects to you through your website, social media, and more.

This can prequalify your prospective residents. With digital marketing, your sales representatives can spend more of their time on the leads who are truly interested, which, in turn, can increase your sales traction and conversion rate.

#4 Digital marketing can engage your future residents.

When it comes to positioning your Senior Living community, you must recognize that convincing the adult daughter or son is only half your battle. You’re selling a service no one wants to the person who desires it least of all the parties involved—your future resident.

However digital marketing can remove this potential barrier. A prospective resident may read your newsletter, see the wonderful activities you offer, and become less reluctant about joining your community.

Or a potential lead may follow your Facebook account and begin to view your community as a desirable place of social activity. The possibilities to engage with your audience are plentiful.

Now is the time to incorporate this new wave of marketing into your traditional strategies. Bild & Company helps senior care communities adapt to the times by crafting and implementing a digital marketing strategy. We’ll help you leverage modern marketing tools to find leads and enhance traditional on-site tours, outreaches, and follow-ups.

You can email tbild@bildandco.com or text 813-390-3349 with your name and number to take your first steps toward a digital marketing strategy.

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