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#4. New Years Resolutions – From Senior Living Professionals

As we continue to embark on 2015, let’s be sure to stay ahead of the curve and the latest industry trends. The senior housing landscape will be changing dramatically this year with a record number boomers set to retire. In an effort to keep everyone motivated, we will be collecting and sharing New Years resolutions from a few clients and posting them below throughout January.

“CRR (community relations representatives) resolutions: Market to the end user (Micromarketing), rather than putting all our eggs in the hospital basket and relying on our referral sources. We want to see the patients of our referral sources choose us based on previous marketing they have seen. So creating fan clubs, community events, social media, and internal events to create brand awareness. This way a patient already knows whom they will choose for their post-acute care, or their long-term care.”

Josh Young, Corporate Director of Sales and Marketing at Hawkeye Care Centers

West Des Moines, Iowa

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