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4 Must-Have Systems for 100% Occupancy

If you’re a small­- to mid-­sized operator, it can be easy to trace your inability to break cyclical revenue trends and break­even occupancy rates to poor sales training and a lack of proper onboarding in the sales department.

The Problem: Poor Sales Training

The TAS Group (now Altify) has provided some striking statistics on sales teams, the sales teams you may be struggling to manage:

  • 50% of salespeople close less than 40% of deals.
  • 50% of sales teams don’t have a strategic system.
  • 40% of salespeople lack the ability to understand customer pain points.

For the senior care industry, these trends may manifest themselves in a number of ways.

For instance, you may notice that your sales counselors falter during telephone calls, which leads to them failing to close prospects and turn those prospects into new residents.

Or you may notice that your sales counselor merely reacts to prospects. And you can’t really detail how your sales process works—because you don’t have one.

And during tours, you may observe that you rarely hear community team members introducing themselves and connecting with visitors.

And you find sales counselors talking about the community and how great it is rather than digging into the prospects’ needs, concerns, and problems.

The Solution: Bild Sales Academy

As with many things, the key to overcoming difficulties is not just sheer willpower.

Your sales initiatives must be informed by the proper education of existing sales counselors and the onboarding of new ones.

However, as this infographic from LearnCore would indicate, you don’t want to secure just any training for your team; the best kind of training centers around a professional trained in Senior Living sales.

Your sales team needs to understand the 4 must-have sales systems to power toward 100% occupancy.

These systems are the inquiry system, the visit planning system, the follow-up and closing system, and the activity point system.

Through Bild Sales Academy, you can educate your team on these 4 systems and give your team members the skills they need to shorten your sales cycle. Take a look at the Bild Sales Academy class overview:

Week #1: Your Mission­ 100% Occupancy, Zero Lost Revenue­

With new operators flooding the market, this is a very competitive time that calls for quality training that provides your sales team with essential skills.

In this session, we will map out your personal plan to move occupancy toward 100%—without discounts and incentives. Learn more…

Week #2: The Inquiry System ­

Scheduling on­-site tours is proven to be the #1 most important skill factor required to drive occupancy. In this session, we’ll teach the art of taking an inquiry call that converts into an on­-site visit 75% of the time. Learn more…

Week #3: The Visit Planning System

With competition at an all-­time high, it is more important than ever to personalize tours and create a memorable visiting experience.

In this session, we’ll teach you how to hold appointments that increase first-appointment deposits. You’ll learn how to increase the odds of closing to the next step by an astounding 70%. Learn more…

Week #4: The Follow-Up and Closing System—Part One­

Just 5% of Senior Living leads have a clearly defined next step that is executed post-­tour. In fact, out of 100 tracked tours, just three salespeople followed up.

Learn how to overcome call reluctance and fear of the telephone to improve results by over 200%! Learn more…

Week #5: The Follow-Up and Closing System—Part Two­

This session provides the skills needed to ensure you are effectively following up in a way that is meaningful and productive.

In addition to teaching the art of calling at the right time, we’ll teach the Bild Five-Step Telephone System, which is designed to garner five “yes” responses in under two minutes, engage prospects in meaningful conversation, and ensure that one out of every two contacts is converted into an appointment. Learn more…

Week #6: The Activity Point System­

In this session, we will turn sales into a game and help you learn to focus on what you can control versus what you can’t!

The Bild Activity Point System is transforming and will allow you to understand, based on your personal skill level, how much sales activity is required to achieve your monthly move-in goal and move to 100% occupancy and zero lost revenue.

Learn more…

How to Register

If you want to equip your sales counselors with proven sales training systems, I’ve included the details of the next 6-­week Bild Sales Academy course:

  • Start date: September 13, 2016
  • Time: 1 p.m.–2 p.m. ET
  • Class seats available: 5

To register for this class, please send us an email at amanda@bildandco.com.

If you prefer to talk over the phone (yes, we still believe in telephone calls!), you can call Amanda at 1.800.640.0688.

We hope we see you and your sales team in our next Bild Sales Academy live web classroom!

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