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3 Reasons Your Poor Customer Service Is Destroying Revenue Opportunity

In the United States, businesses lose approximately 41 billion dollars a year because of one factor.

This factor isn’t economic attrition, competitive disadvantage, or shifting customer needs.

It’s poor customer service.

As a mid-level operator in the senior care industry, you have your hands full with battling competitors and influencing decision-makers.

The last thing your operation needs is a self-inflicted wound.

If you think your Senior Living community offers great customer service, think again. According to a report by Help Scout, 80% of companies think they deliver superior customer service while just 8% of individuals agree with that assessment.

If you’re experiencing gaps in revenue, the problem may not be your senior care offerings or the quality of the living quarters. The problem may simply be poor customer service. Here’s why.

Poor customer service decreases recommendations.

Here’s the sad part about poor customer service: when the children of your residents receive subpar treatment, your senior care community doesn’t just stand to lose current revenue.

It risks losing future revenue, too.

For customers who experience pleasant treatment, 69% of them are willing to offer positive recommendations. If you want to bump up your move-in rate, that’s big news.

In the senior care industry, nothing ranks higher on the priority list for buyers than trust.

If the adult daughter of a prospective resident feels uneasy about moving mom, a recommendation from a satisfied customer can have a powerful influence.

Without quality customer service, you’re not just losing residents to other competition;  you’re also decreasing the likelihood that your residents will talk about your Senior Living community to others.

Good customer service decreases economic and competitive threats.

On the positive side, good customer service can lessen the threats your mid-sized operation experiences.

According to SDL, if a company gives its customers the right kind of treatment…

  • 46% of those customers will trust that company above competitors.
  • 44% of those customers would be willing to pay more.

These stats tell you that making your residents happy can decimate your competition.

What could be better than having your residents and their families trusting your small- to mid-sized operation over those larger corporate giants?

Good customer service also lessens the impact of economic shifts. When you have to raise your rates to the meet the current market value, you won’t have to worry about plummeting occupancy numbers.

Your residents are happy, so the children will be willing to pay a little more.

Poor customer service acts like a cancer.

If one of your residents is treated unfairly, don’t think your staff’s failure will be confined to that individual. Angry customers can spread the bad news.

According to Groove, when one person complains about a company, 26 other customers become dissatisfied.

If you want to halt the spread of disgruntled stakeholders, you’ll need to ensure quality treatment for each of your residents and those considering your community as a future living option.

The bad experience of one resident or prospect can cause others to spot minor flaws they would have otherwise ignored.

Target poor customer service when you mystery shop your community.

There is a solution for finding the cracks in your customer service without experiencing angry residents, negative online reviews, and dropping revenue.

You can prevent customer service problems when you mystery shop your senior care community.

For a complimentary mystery shop phone call, email amanda@bildandco.com and begin to improve customer service at your Senior Living community.

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