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3 Questions to Ask after a Resident Move-In

When it comes to driving revenue and occupancy in senior housing, the importance of having a well-trained sales team can’t be underestimated.

Without sales representatives who are trained to close leads, you’re going to have a difficult time gaining sales traction and turning tours into move-ins for your small- or mid-sized operation.

Yet this is only half the picture.

If you want an atmosphere that produces zero lost revenue days, your community must continue to build a sales-centered culture after a resident move-in.

Once a resident joins your community, it’s vital you ensure your clinical and operational staff replicate your sales team’s practice of meeting his or her needs. To see how well your community is performing in this important step, here are 3 questions to ask after a resident move-in.

#1 Have I communicated with my new resident?

You won’t know how well your community is performing unless you open the door of communication between you and your resident. Without some sort of dialogue, the negative possibilities are endless…

  • Your resident could be dissatisfied, and you’d never know it.
  • Your resident could be spreading his or her unhappiness to the other residents in your community.
  • You may miss out on opportunities to learn how to improve your clinical or operational departments.

Even when you’re a mid-sized operator, it’s impossible to have enough time to personally meet and thoroughly communicate with each of your residents. That’s why it’s important that you have a tool that effectively opens the lines of communication without placing an extra burden on your community. (To see how Bild & Company solves this challenge, keep on reading.)

#2 Did my resident get what he or she expected?

Once you begin communication with your resident, it’s important to start investigating what your resident is thinking, feeling, and believing about your community.

When residents called in with an inquiry or participated in an on-site tour, they likely had some common concerns and fears. According to the National Council on Aging

  • 40% of older adults are concerned about their physical health.
  • 35% are concerned about memory loss.
  • 25% are concerned about living independently.

If your sales team is well trained, they likely met these concerns and demonstrated how your community would alleviate these fears. Once a resident move-in occurs, it’s time to follow up and see if he or she received what your sales team promised. You need to find out if…

  • Mom still thinks the staff members are as friendly as when she first called in.
  • Dad received the care that his kids expected after your on-site community tour.
  • The kids believe your community gives the same experience advertised on your website.

#3 How can I improve the experience after a resident move-in?

Once you determine what went wrong—and right—for your resident, you’ll have important insights for correcting and improving your Senior Living operation.

When you pinpoint areas of growth, you’ll gain clear directives on the actions you should take in your community. For instance, if your resident complains he or she is ignored by nurses, perhaps it’s time to vet your clinical staff. Or if your resident complains that the activities promised never appeared on the community calendar, you’ll know to follow up with your activity department.

The key to answering each of these 3 important questions, and getting the information you need, is having a tool that reveals what your residents or their family members are thinking.

Customized digital surveys allow you to ask those vital questions after a resident move-in. Bild & Company can tailor these surveys to draw out the information you need to support your efforts for strong occupancy and revenue at your senior care community.

To learn more about our digital surveys and leverage their power, email me at tbild@bildandco.com or text 813-390-3349 with your name and number.

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