What Apple Has to Teach Senior Living Organizations about Training Team Members

Driving increased occupancy at senior living organizations requires something more than excellent clinical care or beautiful buildings. Transforming tours into move-ins requires a laser-sharp focus on addressing your target audience’s needs…in other words, customer service. And when it comes to customer service, Apple has shown mastery. A Statista survey revealed that 50% of Apple users […]

Diagnose a Fluctuating Occupancy Rate: How to Audit Your Seniors Housing Operation


When it comes to your occupancy rate, the senior housing marketing isn’t exactly in your favor. It wasn’t too long ago since the NIC reported that… Senior housing occupancy dropped to 88.3%. Annual assisted living and independent living inventory was larger than absorption. Of the NIC’s 31 primary markets, 22 markets slipped to lower occupancy […]

Change Leadership in the Face of Uncertainty: Dos and Don’ts for the Senior Living CEO


  Change leadership is challenging for an important reason. You’re reinventing your senior living operation…based on a future you and your team can’t fully predict. If you’re a senior living CEO, that’s a bit unnerving. You know that disruption is coming to the senior living industry. You know it’s time to make the shift. You’re […]

Help Your Senior Housing Operation Make the Shift: Get Clear on Your Change Management Plan


For sustainable top-line growth, your senior housing organization faces a crossroads. You can continue to use outdated models of serving customer needs. Or you can recognize the coming Silver Tsunami, shift your organizational culture, and radically reinvent how you meet customer needs. As you already know, making a shift requires more than a C-suite meeting […]