Our Top 7 Senior Housing Articles for 2017

As December comes to a close, it’s time to reflect on your senior housing leadership. But even if you’re celebrating significant growth for your organization, you can’t stop at identifying past successes. In 2018, you’ll want to build on any milestones and press forward to reach new goals…and that starts with pinpointing where your operation […]

Poor Profit Margins? Here Is What’s Holding You Back

When you’ve analyzed a portfolio for revenue potential and invested a sizable chunk of your resources in its growth… There’s nothing more disappointing than seeing poor profit margins for all your hard work. You believe in working smarter, instead of harder. But instead of enjoying the returns of your senior living investment, you’re spending your […]

Accelerating Growth for Your Senior Living Operation

Every savvy senior living CEO keeps an eye on industry news. From NIC data reports to press releases, you’re on the lookout for industry trends, breaking news, and construction updates—anything that could impact your senior living operation. If you’re keeping up with the headlines, then you’ve seen Argentum’s announcement for the top 10 senior living […]