[Case Study] Are You Leaving $1.7 Million on the Table?

When it comes to increasing occupancy and revenue for mid-sized operations, many senior care communities don’t need… Better care options. Better clinical staff. Better grounds and living areas. But they do need one thing to increase net operating income—to stop leaving money on the table due to a poor sales culture and the inability to […]

3 Actions to Take for On-Site Community Tours  

On-site community tours are an integral part of driving occupancy and revenue for your senior care community. To see just how important tours are for Senior Living sales, consider these statistics from Caring.com: For a survey profiling those who had recently sought senior care (whether family members or potential residents), 40% of those who reported […]

Selling to Baby Boomers: 12 Statistics You Need to Know 

As a senior care provider, your community is filled with residents from the Silent Generation and maybe even some from the Greatest Generation. Yet the reality is that the face of your operation is going to change. Baby Boomers are the future of your community. While they may not live there today, they are making […]

13 Ideas for Original Senior Living Marketing Content

Increasing occupancy and growing revenue requires more than excellent care options or superb grounds. You also need original content for your marketing and outreach initiatives. Digital marketing has changed the game for mid-sized operators. Your prospects will rely more heavily on the internet. And if you want to gain sales traction, you must adapt to […]