How Digital Marketing Empowers Mid-Sized Operators

  Digital marketing has leveled the playing field between large Senior Living providers and the small- to mid-sized operators they compete with. If you’re small- to mid-sized this is great news and means that technology-driven marketing techniques put you on par with the big boys! While digital marketing makes it easier to compete, too many […]

How Lackluster Follow-up Systems Cost You Millions

  Effective follow-up systems are truly lacking in the Senior Living industry. The failure to reach out to prospects that have toured your property or otherwise expressed interest results in losing potentially millions. In the Senior Living business model, time is money. Every day an apartment stays empty, there is revenue spiraling down the drain. […]

8 Make-or-Break Decisions in the Buying Process

If you’ve ever wondered what goes through buyers’ minds as they make the yes-or-no move-in decision, you’ve reached the right spot. There are 8 major make-or-break decisions in the buying process. Especially in the Senior Living industry, buying decisions have more to do with emotion than logic. While dollars and cents are part of the […]