Why Sales Objections Happen in Senior Living

In the Senior Living industry, sales objections happen far too often. While mid-sized operators and their sales staff can’t stop objections, there is more than one way to put your prospects’ mind at ease. Sales equal move-ins. Move-ins equal revenue. Revenue equals a sustainable, continuously profitable business. This is a fairly simple equation, and yet […]

How to Holistically Improve Your Senior Care Community

  Senior care is perpetually moving forward. Mid-sized operators who don’t adapt to swiftly changing needs may fall prey to the corporate giants that leverage advanced technology. When it comes to holistically improving your senior care community, technology may be your saving grace. It’s not so much a matter of competing and keeping in pace […]

Social Proof Marketing for Senior Living

    In the realm of digital marketing, social proof can help expand your online reach and influence purchase decisions. As sales are the lifeblood of occupancy and revenue, you need every marketing tool at your disposal. If you’re too timid to gather testimonials from residents and their families, I’d suggest changing your mind. Prospects […]

How to Add Memory Care Services to Your Business Model

  The overwhelming majority of people will need assisted living services in their golden years. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, over 70% of adults past retirement age will need extended care. As people live longer, the need for assisted living services increases. Specifically, there is a more urgent need for […]