You Got the Sale! What’s Next?

High Five!! You just secured a move-in! Your job is done now, right? Imagine how scary it is on moving day at a retirement community or skilled nursing center. I would compare it to the first day of high school, which I know was not as glamorous as we all may have hoped. How can […]

Key Components for Creating a Strong Presence at Your Next Conference

After all of the expenses involved in getting your company to a conference, the big question afterwards is “Was there a good return on investment?” Part of knowing whether your ROI is high, is also clarifying to yourself beforehand what determines whether an event was successful. Are you trying to generate more leads? Or do […]

Managing Sales Talent

One of the very first questions I often ask sales candidates is, “Do you like to be managed?” Yet the most common response I hear is, “I don’t like to be micromanaged.” At some point in our careers we’ve all experienced the micromanager who wants to tell us what to do or how to do […]

6 Simple Steps to Outreach Success

As a sales professional in senior housing, it’s a scenario you are probably faced with regularly: unexpected openings and an urgent push to “fill up” and increase your census as quickly as possible. As a result of this situation, we consistently hear from our clients how this is the time they begin to focus on […]

Making the Connection with Home Health Partners

When you think of your home health partners, do you think friend or foe? We often hear that home health companies are the competition for senior housing at all levels, but do they have to be? Let’s talk about how your home health partners can help you! First, what is home healthcare versus home care? […]