Creating Partnerships with Hospitals and Referral Sources

Over the past five years building relationships with our hospitals and referral sources has drastically changed. Previously, you could drop off cookies and pens to the hospital or referral source and that was “good enough”. Times have changed and if you are still dropping off cookies and “checking in” with your referral sources it is time […]

Sales Training: Expense or an Investment? Part 1

If there’s one thing I’ve never been very good at, it’s keeping quiet when things are bothering me and right now, I’m extremely frustrated with the management of the sales department within senior living operations. What are we doing? Over the past fifteen years we made so much progress as an industry. Implementing sales systems, changing […]

WOW Visits – Stand Out from the Competition

Nearly every week, we receive questions from our WSM readers and our clients about how to give a great tour that helps you stand apart from the competition. Let’s dig into the top five ways to take your visit to closing conversion to the next level: 1. Differentiate How is your community different from the […]

As an Industry, Are We Really Progressing or Digressing?

I was sitting in my office recently after being on the phone most of the day with industry executives and had an epiphany- “I’m right back where I was 15 years ago.” Literally! Indulge me as I travel into the past– When I first started training in senior care, occupancy was hovering at 92-93%. New […]

Case Study: Ramsey Village Continuing Care Retirement Community

Prepared by: Dana Asche The Situation Ramsey Village is a Continuing Care Retirement Community that is committed to meeting their residents’ interests and needs at every level of care. The area of opportunity for the campus was the Residential Care Facility (RCF) due to lack of traffic and education regarding the benefits of RCF vs. AL. […]

Accountability without Micromanaging

One of the very first questions I often ask sales candidates is, “How do you like to be managed?” Yet the most common response I hear is, “I don’t like to be micromanaged.” At some point in our careers we’ve all experienced the micromanager who wants to tell us what to do or how to […]